1 Bedroom Pack

The 1 bedroom moving kit is slightly larger than the studio pack and is suited for small families with a smaller home. Maybe you just have one bedroom and use the other bedroom as an office? However you have your 1 bedroom home set up, this package will be what you need to get it packed up and ready … Read more about 1 Bedroom Pack

2 Bedroom Pack

The average home is 2-3 bedrooms. If you fall at the bottom end of this, then the 2 bedroom moving kit may be just what you need. We have carefully created this moving kit to contain a variety of moving boxes and moving supplies. It has everything you will need to package up all of your belongings … Read more about 2 Bedroom Pack

3 Bedroom Pack

The 3 bedroom moving kit is one of our most popular packages. This kit is great for a family with kids or a family with office space in their home. The moving kit contains a variety of moving boxes and moving supplies to help you get ready for your upcoming move. This kit does not come with mattress … Read more about 3 Bedroom Pack

4 Bedroom Pack

The 4 bedroom moving kit contains an assortment of moving boxes and moving supplies. It has everything that you will need to pack up your home and get ready for the big move to your new home. Carefully package your bulky, light items in large boxes. Small boxes are good for heavier items like books … Read more about 4 Bedroom Pack

5 Bedroom Pack

You must have a large family or just a lot of stuff if you live in a 5 bedroom home! Whatever the case, the 5 bedroom moving kit has everything you will need to get your belongings packaged up and ready to take to your new home.  This kit contains an assortment of moving boxes and supplies. Are you … Read more about 5 Bedroom Pack

Dish Barrel Box

J&J Metro offers an extra sturdy Kitchen Box specifically designed for the maximum protection of your breakable items. The Kitchen Box is thicker than traditional moving boxes which help fragile items make the move undamaged. Kitchen Boxes can pack dishware, glasses, cookware, china, etc. By … Read more about Dish Barrel Box

Large Moving Box

J&J Metro offers Large Moving Boxes that are great for bulkier household items such as pillows, bedroom items, linens, lamps, etc. Big, but not overly heavy items, fit well in the large moving box. These boxes can also be used for collectibles, holiday ornaments and household … Read more about Large Moving Box

Medium Moving Box

Medium Moving Boxes are the most popular and versatile moving box that J&J Metro Moving and Storage carries. These boxes are ideal for small toys, collectibles, kitchen utensils, small appliances, as well as many other household items. Medium moving boxes are great because they can hold … Read more about Medium Moving Box

Small Moving Box

Small Moving Boxes are suitable for heavy items such as books, photo albums, small tools, etc. When these heavy household items are packed in larger moving boxes, the boxes get too heavy and difficult to transport. … Read more about Small Moving Box

Studio Apartment Pack

The studio moving kit is our smallest and most basic package. This moving kit is great to get started on packing your home, finish up, or if you just have 1-2 actual rooms in your house then this should be all you need. The kit was created with a variety of moving boxes and moving supplies to … Read more about Studio Apartment Pack