1 Bedroom Pack

Original price was: $249.99.Current price is: $189.50.

(15) Small “Book” boxes
(10) Medium “Linen” boxes
(5) Large “Linen” boxes
(2) Dish Barrel boxes
(1) 25-lb. Packing Paper
(4) Tape



The 1 bedroom moving kit is slightly larger than the studio pack and is suited for small families with a smaller home. Maybe you just have one bedroom and use the other bedroom as an office? However you have your 1 bedroom home set up, this package will be what you need to get it packed up and ready for your upcoming move.

The 1 bedroom kit contains a variety of moving boxes and moving supplies. It’s important to have packing paper to make sure your fragile items are secure during your move. Durable packing tape is needed to seal all of your boxes.


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