5 Bedroom Pack

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(35) Small “Book” boxes
(30) Medium “Linen” boxes
(20) Large “Linen” boxes
(5) Dish Barrel boxes
(2) 25-lb. Packing Paper
(8) Tape



You must have a large family or just a lot of stuff if you live in a 5 bedroom home! Whatever the case, the 5 bedroom moving kit has everything you will need to get your belongings packaged up and ready to take to your new home.  This kit contains an assortment of moving boxes and supplies.

Are you moving yourself? If you are not planning to hire a moving company, you may need some extra supplies. Moving blankets and stretch wrap are great and essential if you want to keep all your belongings safe and undamaged. Moving blankets and stretch wrap can be wrapped around anything that is not placed in a box. Large pieces of furniture will be free of dirt and scratches if you take the time to carefully wrap them up before your move.


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