Studio Apartment Pack

Original price was: $199.99.Current price is: $136.50.

(10) Small “Book” boxes
(5)   Medium “Linen” boxes
(3)   Large “Linen” boxes
(2)   Dish Barrel boxes
(3)   Tape
(1)   25-lb. Packing Paper


The studio moving kit is our smallest and most basic package. This moving kit is great to get started on packing your home, finish up, or if you just have 1-2 actual rooms in your house then this should be all you need. The kit was created with a variety of moving boxes and moving supplies to provide you with everything you will need for your upcoming move.

Not sure if this will be enough moving boxes for you? Maybe the 2 bedroom moving kit would better suit you. Or maybe you need the 1 bedroom kit and a bundle of boxes to pack the remaining items in your home. Whatever you need, we have it!


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