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    • Notice to applicants as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act
      In connection with your employment application, an investigative consumer report and background check for the purpose of evaluating your suitability for employment will be made. If a decision to deny employment is based on this information, you will be notified, along with the name and address of the investigative agency making the report.


    • Please read carefully before signing:
      This company is an equal opportunity employer, and selects individuals best matched for the job based upon job-related qualifications regardless of race, religion, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other status or characteristic protected by law. I understand that completion of this application does not indicate that there are any positions open and does not in any way obligate this company to hire me or offer me a job.
    • In the processing of my employment application, an investigation may be conducted whereby information and references will be requested from former employers. Permission is hereby granted to any school, person, firm, or corporation, whether my former employer or otherwise, to give this Company any relevant information that may be required by the necessary Company to arrive at an employment decision; and I hereby release this Company, its officers, employees, representatives or agents, from any and all liability and/or damage incurred by myself in accessing or using such information.
    • I understand that as a matter of Company policy, my employment and compensation shall only continue so long as mutually agreeable and may be terminated by the Company or me without cause or advance notice. No manual, policy or statement by any Company representative (other than a formal agreement signed by the company and me) is to be considered a contract of employment, whether express or implied, for any specific period of time or upon any continuing term.
    • This Company reserves the right to use any method of investigation which, in its sole discretion it deems reasonable and necessary to determine whether any employee has engaged in conduct warranting disciplinary action. As a condition of employment, if hired, I agree to cooperate in any such investigation. As a condition of my employment, I voluntarily agree to cooperate in consenting and submitting to any urine or blood tests requested by the Company to enforce its drug and alcohol policy, as well as any searches of my person or property while employed by the Company. I recognize that refusal to cooperate in such tests or searches would be grounds for discipline, including termination.
    • I understand that if hired, my employment may be terminated by the Company due to any misrepresentation, misinformation or inaccuracy of the statements contained on the Application for Employment. I authorize the company to investigate all statements contained in this application for accuracy and completeness and to obtain any transcripts, records or documents pertaining to my background and business experience as required by the Company. If hired, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of this Company as issued from time to time. I also attest that I am authorized to work in the United States. I understand this application will remain active for thirty (30) days, and if I have not been hired by the date, I must renew my application to be considered for future employment.