Moving a business any time is a stressful, frustrating, and time-consuming endeavor. Along with having to sort, organize, pack, move, and unpack an entire office, there are employees and patrons to consider. It can be taxing on a business owner when they also have to juggle a move while still operating and growing their business.

If your move is scheduled to happen around the holidays, it can feel even scarier and more burdensome. While moving a business during the busiest time of year can make it even more challenging to tackle the tasks involved in a move, the office movers at J&J Moving and Storage in Orlando have seven tips for you to consider to help make your holiday move a smooth transition. Of course, if you’d rather let expert commercial movers handle your move, contact us to get a quote and we’ll take the stress out of relocating your business over the holidays or any time of year!

Seven Tips for a Smooth Holiday Office Move

Start Planning in Advance

Planning ahead is always best for any move, but especially for one over the holidays. It is essential to start planning months ahead of a move by handling tasks like mail forwarding, changing your address with the IRS and business licenses, planning cable, internet, and phone disconnections and reconnections, and other things you can do ahead of time. By the time moving day comes around, you’ll have all of these small yet important tasks completed so you can focus on packing, organizing, and moving your belonging.

Budgeting Is Key

Start planning a budget so that you have all your ducks in a row. This is especially important during the holidays since many business owners give their employees gifts, holiday bonuses, or throw some kind of holiday social event. Additionally, budgeting for your move ahead of time can reduce the need to rely on credit cards, which can make for a stressful way to start the new year when the bill comes due.

Start Sorting and Organizing Early

Get ahead of the game by sorting through office items months in advance. This is especially helpful for those Orlando businesses that have been in one location for years or decades. It’s amazing how much stuff we acquire throughout the years, and the last thing you want to do is spend the time, money, and effort moving unnecessary objects to your new office. This can help you determine what to keep, what to give away, and what to toss.

Think About Donating

The holidays are the perfect time of year to donate office supplies, making it an ideal time to donate unwanted and unused items and furniture that you don’t want to move to your new building. Start going through your belongings and sort out what you want to keep and what can be donated. Doing this ahead of time can help you pack smarter while lessening your load, which can save you money in the end.

Pack Smart

Once you have narrowed down what to move and what to donate, it’s best to start packing months or at least weeks ahead of your move. Start packing the things you use least. Pack like items together and label each box so that the items can be taken to the appropriate room at your new location. This will make unpacking much smoother and less chaotic.

Be Mindful of Holiday Traffic

Depending on the date of your move, you should consider holiday traffic. If you’re moving the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas, plan your drive times around peak travel hours and rush hour. This can save you on travel time, as well as the headache of being stuck in holiday traffic in a moving truck, and can also reduce the risk of an accident.

Hire Commercial Movers

If you’d rather have a stress-free, streamlined move over the holidays, call our professional office movers in Orlando! At J&J Moving and Storage, we take the stress out of any move and carefully move your entire office with precision and care in the shortest time. Call us today to get a quote and let us take care of the rest!

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