2 Bedroom Pack

Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $232.50.

(20) Small “Book” boxes
(15) Medium “Linen” boxes
(6) Large “Linen” boxes
(2) Dish Barrel boxes
(1) 25-lb. Packing Paper
(5) Tape



The average home is 2-3 bedrooms. If you fall at the bottom end of this, then the 2 bedroom moving kit may be just what you need. We have carefully created this moving kit to contain a variety of moving boxes and moving supplies. It has everything you will need to package up all of your belongings for your upcoming move.

Whether you utilize all 2 bedrooms of your home for sleeping space, or use 1 as bedrooms and 1 as an office, this package has everything in it that you will need. Are you a major pack rat and aren’t certain this will be enough? Maybe you should consider jumping up to the 3 bedroom package. The other option to think about is purchasing a bundle of boxes along with the 2 bedroom moving kit.


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