So, you’ve made the decision to relocate your Orlando business to a new space — congratulations! Now comes the fun part: physically moving all of your company’s possessions to the new location. Moving an entire office is a lot of work, even more so than moving a home. Along with moving your office supplies, furniture, and equipment, you’ll likely need to move your computer system, security system, and other technological aspects of your business. What’s more, depending on the size of your business and how many employees you have, you will also need to move their desks and belongings. Along with packing and moving everything in your office, you will also need to make sure your business is running at full strength during each phase of the move. In many instances, people try to tackle a move on their own. However, hiring a reputable moving company is a wonderful option for a quick, efficient, and safe move. Here are some of the top reasons to hire professional office movers J & J Metro Moving and Storage in Orlando.

Training and Experience

Moving an office is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort and physical endurance to get the job done quickly. Hiring a moving company allows you to work directly with highly trained and experienced packing and moving professionals. Our expert movers know how to pack your belongings safely and securely, and will move your entire office, no matter its size, in the most efficient way possible. Hiring a dedicated, knowledgeable moving crew for your office relocation will allow you to focus on other facets of your move, while also giving you more time to run your business during the moving process. This can make it easier to get right back to business after the move, which benefits you, your employees, and your customers.   


As we mentioned in our last blog post, many people pass on hiring a moving company and, instead, take on the move themselves in order to save money. In some cases, a DIY move might be the best option. However, it’s important to consider all aspects of moving your business when you’re trying to decide whether or not to hire movers. For one, moving takes time, especially when you move on your own. This could mean that, as a business owner, you’re spending more time planning and coordinating your move, and less time focusing on your business, which could lead to a loss in business and profits. Along with the lost time, you’ll want to take into account the additional costs and potential for accidents to occur during your DIY move. When you move on your own, you can pretty much always bet on something going wrong. But when you hire experienced moving professionals, the risk of accidents is reduced significantly. You can count on a much more efficient, easy move, which makes hiring office movers an affordable, cost-effective solution to relocating your business.



Peace of Mind

Moving is complex and multifaceted, which is why it is one of the most stressful activities to undertake on your own. One of the top reasons to hire a moving company is that it gives you peace of mind in knowing your belongings will be safe, the move will be completed by experts, and it will be accomplished in a timely manner. Working with a reputable moving company like J & J Metro actually gives you more time to focus on running your business throughout the entire moving process. We work with you to manage and coordinate your entire move, so you can focus on other aspects of relocating your business, while also ensuring your company continues to function throughout the move. Our goal is to make your move as stress-free as possible, allowing you as much or as little involvement in the process as you prefer. You can count on your friendly office movers in Orlando to get the job done right, so your business can continue thriving throughout the move.   

Secure Storage Facility

During the initial phases of your move, it can be hard to determine what will and what won’t fit into your new office space. The last thing you want is to have to store your office furniture, equipment, or supplies outside of your office, and you don’t want to pack them into different rooms in your building until you can decide where to put them. Moving companies also offer secure storage facilities where you can store your belongings for a short or long period of time. Having the option to store the possessions you want to keep, but can’t make immediate room for, can save you time and money in the long run. Using a storage facility like ours allows you to store items in a state-of-the-art facility that is always accessible to you. We’ll even load and unload your storage unit for you! Having access to a secure storage unit is just one more benefit of hiring a moving company.

Personalized Move to Fit Your Specific Needs

When you work with a moving company, each step of the move is tailored to fit the specific needs and goals of your business. Whether you need a few desks moved or an entire office with 500-plus employees relocated, professional movers can streamline your entire move.  At J & J Metro, you will have a single point of contact to manage your move, who will ensure maximum efficiency the entire time. Communication and collaboration are key when working with professional movers so that the move is completed with the efficiency and reliability you expect and deserve. If you require a full-service move, or simply need a moving crew to pack up your office and your truck, a reliable moving company can customize your move to fit your needs.

Contact Your Trusted Office Movers in Orlando

There are so many benefits to hiring professional movers! From training and experience, affordability, and peace of mind, to having easy access to secure storage units and getting a personalized move to fit your needs, there is no reason not to hire a moving company when you relocate your business. Call J & J Metro Moving and Storage today or reach out to us online to request a free estimate for your move. We would be more than happy to move your Orlando business to your new location, so contact us today!