Orlando Moving CompanyImagine this scenario: You’ve hired a Orlando mover to relocate you and your family’s prized possessions. During this process, one of the movers slips on a rug left unpacked, falls, and sprains his ankle, an affliction that sidelines him from working for weeks. Who pays for this bodily injury incurred due to the “occupational hazards” of moving?

If the Orlando moving company hired does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, then the answer to that question is the homeowner. Why? Because according to the law, the homeowner is legally the mover’s employer, and is therefore liable. As such, moving companies without workers’ compensation insurance are easily a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Workers’ compensation defined

Workers compensation is a form of insurance that pays for medical expenses and lost wages to employees injured on the job. However, the tradeoff is that the employees covered by workers’ compensation forfeit their right to sue their employer for negligence. For business owners, workers’ compensation increases the cost of doing business. This additional expense may be passed on to the consumer.

Orlando Mover Workers Comp InsuranceNevertheless, as the above-mentioned scenario indicates, a homeowner looking to move may be better off paying more to hire a mover with workers’ compensation insurance. The reason is simple: when you hire a moving company with workers’ compensation, any employee of the company that is injured on the job while moving your items will turn to the workers’ compensation insurance policy to pay for medical costs and lost wages, as opposed to going after you. Therefore, it’s no wonder experts recommend that homeowners only hire movers carrying workers’ compensation to avoid exposing themselves and their families to liability.

Anyone who has ever moved before can agree: moving is a stressful enough business in and of itself. Why make it more stressful by hiring a mover without the proper coverage? While it may seem cheaper in the short-term, in the long-term peace of mind while moving is truly something worth paying a little extra for.