When taking the step of moving to a new home or office, one may be tempted to go the cheap route by hiring day laborers as opposed to Orlando professional movers. However, be forewarned, as while day laborers may appear to be the most cost-effective, they may not be the best deal.

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As such, the reasons for picking professional movers over day laborers are myriad, especially if you have any concerns about the safety of your property. For starters, unlike day laborers, professional movers have longevity in the business, and are well aware of how to protect and move your items safely. Professional movers can also offer insurance to repair or replace your property if it is lost or damaged during the moving process.

Orlando day laborers, on the other hand, tend to show up without having much in the way of professional experience for clients. For that reason, they are typically not in a position to provide moving insurance to repair or replace damaged or lost items. Another good reason for picking a professional moving company is that all of its movers and truck drivers are stable and steadily employed directly by the company, enabling them to move you in accordance with their company’s rules and policies. On the contrary, day laborers are always changing their staff, hiring non-professionals with quick turnover.

Orlando professional moversFurthermore, professional movers have access to a variety of appropriately-sized moving vehicles, meaning they can easily accommodate the size of your move with a truck that can safely and securely transport all of your items. Meanwhile, day laborers have access to limited sizes of vehicles, meaning that when it comes time to move, they may very well load your items on to a truck that may be too small for them, which can increase the risk of damage. A smaller moving vehicle may also require several trips to and from your new home or office, resulting in a higher cost for your move.

Finally, and most importantly, day laborers are not licensed to do business, unlike professional movers. As such, when you hire them to move you, you are doing so at your own risk. Furthermore, they are not registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), making it that much more difficult to determine their reputation with customers.