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We are now offering an on site “drop bin” service for a company’s “every day” disposal of sensitive documents and a pick up service for the destruction of a company’s on site expired archives. With both services we will deliver a Certificate of Destruction for the documents we pick up from your office.

Secure & Confidential

Our confidential document destruction bins are shown below. They are made of an extremely tough and resilient polymer material. These containers will hold up to 300 pounds of documents. They will not rust. All containers come equipped with a super tough tamper proof long shank lock. There are only two keys that fit the lock. One is in the customer’s possession and the other remains with Business Archives.

Quick Delivery & Easy Set-Up

We deliver our locked Security Containers to your business. These containers will hold up to 300 pounds of documents. They will be placed where employees have easy access so that sensitive company documents are dropped in the Security Container, rather than ending up in the regular garbage where unwelcome eyes may find them. We suggest they be placed near executive offices, copy and fax machines and accounting offices.

Pickup & Disposal

When the Security Container is full, our bonded drivers will pick it up and return it to our secure facility. The documents will then be confidentially destroyed and a Certificate of Destruction will be issued to you.

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