While ordering your moving supplies, you will need markers to write on the boxes after you have packed. Permanent markers are the way to go when you're looking to make a mark that lasts.   … Read more about Marker

Mover Gloves

While ordering your moving supplies, make sure to order your professional mover gloves. White String Knit Rubber Palm Dip Work Glove. Palm and fingertips dipped for durability and a sure grip.   … Read more about Mover Gloves

Moving Blankets

While ordering your moving supplies, you will need moving blankets to protect your furniture during transit. Moving blankets help protect your belongings during your move and assist in safe transportation of your possessions.  Moving blankets can be wrapped around various pieces of furniture such as … Read more about Moving Blankets

Packing Paper (25-lb)

Moving and packing supplies come in all shapes and sizes. Some provide surface protection, some protect against vibration and shock, and others are used for void/fill. Packing paper is unusual because it one of the only moving supplies that can be used as all three! Almost all movers have a kitchen … Read more about Packing Paper (25-lb)

Paper Pads

While ordering your moving supplies, you will need paper pads for all those lamps, pictures, etc. Furniture Paper Pads Triple Layer – Full size 48″x72″. Protect your furniture, framed pictures, lamps, small appliances from dust, dirt and light scratches. … Read more about Paper Pads

Poly Pro Pack Tape

Polypropylene tape coated with natural rubber adhesive for dependable closure of corrugated and linerboard boxes. This tape is strong, yet flexible. Use what the professionals use, this tape is specifically designed for moving and packing. … Read more about Poly Pro Pack Tape

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is great to wrap around sofas, furniture and any other personal items that are not placed in moving boxes during your move. It is one of the many must have moving supplies for do-it-yourself movers. Stretch wrap will help keep your belongings clean, unscratched and undamaged during your … Read more about Stretch Wrap