moving on a budgetWhether moving to another part of town, a new city, or even a new state, local moving in Orlando can be an expensive endeavor. Regardless, the impulse to save on the cost of moving can be strong. The following are just a few ways to help you move on a budget.

One way to save on the cost of a professional move is to pack everything yourself, so that when the movers arrive all they need to do is fill the moving truck.

When you move can also save you money. Many people typically move on the weekend, when they have spare time, so truck rental and moving companies will increase their rates then. But if you move during the week, you’ll save significantly.

moving tipsAlso, how much you move can make a difference. To that end, unloading what you don’t need is essential. Moving is a great time to clean house and get rid of clutter.

Other moving tips include labeling boxes to make unloading go faster, and keeping pets and children out of the movers’ way, so they can work faster. These tips can help you cut costs when it comes to the mover’s hourly rate.

Regardless of how you choose to save money when planning a move, bargaining strategies take time and research, so plan ahead to ensure your move is a cost-efficient one.