ClaimsWhen relocating, it’s up to your orlando mover to make sure all of your belongings arrive in one piece. But what happens when your sofa arrives in two or more pieces? It’s time to file a claim.

Here is how the process works. On moving day, your mover will bring to your attention any pieces that they see are already in damage prior to them moving them. Upon delivery of your items, if you find that you have missing or damaged property, note it on the moving paperwork. Then follow through with your claim.

Here is how to file a claim. First step, call the moving company and request paperwork or website link for filing a claim. Fill out and file this accordingly, and be sure to save your damaged goods so they are available for inspection. Take plenty of photos as well.

As far as filing the claim form goes, be sure to do it as quickly as possible. With most moving companies, you have thirty days from the date of delivery to file a claim, but the sooner you do it, the better.

oopssignAfter you submit your claim, depending on the valuation (insurance) that you purchased or was included with your move a claims representative will give you the options. If the piece is able to be repaired and is covered within your contract typically the moving company will have a 3rd party repair company out to you within 7 business days. If it is an item that is needed to be replaced and again is covered within your contract typically the moving company will have a check out to you with 14 business days.

Also, as a general rule of thumb, be calm and courteous when dealing with a moving company and/or claims department, as this will get you much farther. Know the moving company’s rules and regulations for damage and loss claims, and be sure you’re satisfied once settling your claim. The moving company may decide to pay you a monetary settlement for the value of damaged or lost goods, rather than replacing them outright.

While loss and damage to personal property can happen during any move, it is important to know and understand that a good moving company wants you to be satisfied with its service. This includes the claims process. While no one is perfect, a good mover will not hesitate to ensure that should the need arise, a claims process goes as perfectly for its customers as possible.