Orlando office moversWhen moving one’s orlando office to a new location, choosing the right office mover is essential for reducing down time for a business. The reason this is so important is that down time can result in lost revenue and productivity. However, hiring a professional office moving company will ensure that your office relocation is handled by experts who can make sure that you are full operational in your new workplace quickly.

As such, the following tips can help you choose the right moving company to handle your office move.

Orlando office moving companyTo start, plan your office move early, as doing so greatly decreases the chances of things going wrong and extra costs incurring. To that end, as soon as you know your target move date, you should contact Orlando office moving companies and arrange for them to come and provide an in-office quotation. Ideally, you should start contacting office moving companies at least four to six weeks before you hope to move. Always get at least three office moving quotes from reputable office moving companies. Be wary if the moving company wants to give you pricing over the phone, as the company involved needs to visit your office and see what the move entails in order to provide an accurate estimate. To that end, arrange for the three moving companies you select to come to your office for estimates. This has a double benefit in that it allows you the opportunity to meet some of the movers who may be moving your property.

Moving Office DoormatWhen narrowing down and selecting the mover, be sure to select a moving company that specializes in office moves. This is critical, as many movers concentrate solely on household moves and have little experience in handling a commercial office move. By focusing specifically on a mover that handles office moves, you ensure that the moving company has the necessary trucks and equipment to move your office furniture and equipment safely and securely. Don’t forget to check and confirm that your office company is properly insured and licensed. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, or to ask general questions that can verify the credentials of a mover. These include the following: How many office moves have you done in the last year? What size offices were they? Asking for details of previous office moves is another way to ascertain quality and reputation.

Finally, ask if the moving company offers secure office storage for freeing up office space. Many office moving companies have storage depots that can be used on short notice for stowing valuable equipment and property that may not be coming to the new office space right away.