12-10470609_10152058846551783_3915141218108855026_nHere are some of our Orlando Moving Tips to help you with your upcoming move. If possible, you may want to consider moving a few items yourself. It can be a good idea to move plants, pictures, and electronic items prior to your local move. Get a Free Quote Online or by Phone

Disconnect stereo equipment, computers, and other electronic items. Wrap and secure cords and wiring.

If you are moving from, or to, an apartment make sure you reserve the elevator well in advance of your move. Ask the building management about moving restrictions they have.

02-10616639_10152821896711783_6754591009280258396_nHave your large appliances serviced and disconnected. (Your mover can help you with this detail… ask them in advance!)

Secure parking access for the moving truck. The closer the better.

Prepare a plan of where your furniture will be placed in your new residence. Remember the old adage: “Time is Money!”

If you are doing the packing be sure to have it done before the moving crew arrives. Mark each box with your name and the room where you want it placed.

06-10982083_10152746490836783_3921137737250360853_nDresser drawers can usually be left full. Articles in desks and end tables should be packed. Ask your mover about their policy concerning leaving items in drawers. (No glass or books to be left in drawers)

Make sure you tell your local mover about the access to your new residence. If the truck must be parked far from the residence it will impact the cost of your move.

Everything you can do to save time, will save you money as shown in our Orlando Moving Tips!


  • Eliminate everything you won’t move.
  • Call mover for estimate.
  • Notify post office of new address.
  • Gather medical, dental records.
  • Transfer insurance records.
  • Notify schools, have transcripts forwarded.
  • Arrange pet shipment and immunization records.
  • Begin to use up the food in your freezer.
  • List all your questions as they come up. Ask them as soon as possible.
  • Prepare inventory of goods.
  • Arrange method of payment.
  • Arrange for packing cartons needed.
  • Fill out change-of-address.
  • Check and clear tax assessments.
  • Check auto licensing requirements.
  • Close local charge accounts.
  • Make travel plans.
  • Make hotel reservations, reconfirm later.
  • Decide what items of low value, high weight you are going to give to charity. Get a signed receipt for what you give away to use for tax return.

TWO WEEKS BEFORE:MovingStorageTips

  • Do your packing a little bit at a time. Don’t wear yourself out.
  • Collect clothing, items to clean, repair.
  • Have farewell parties, visits.
  • Have a garage sale to eliminate articles you don’t want to move.


  • Dispose of all flammables.
  • Plan travel games, activities.
  • Take down curtains, rods, shelves, TV antenna.
  • Withdraw the contents of your safe deposit box.
  • If traveling with pets, get tranquilizers for the trip. Make sure vaccinations and papers are in order.
  • Use your kitchen cart or server as a mobile packing table.
  • Return things borrowed, collect those loaned.
  • Arrange to disconnect utilities.
  • Arrange to connect same at new home.
  • Make arrangements to have heavy appliances serviced for move.
  • Have car tune-up for the trip. Check oil, water, battery and tires.
  • Pack suitcases.
  • Set things aside to pack in car.
  • Get sitter for moving day.
  • Make up “Do not move” cartons for articles to be taken in car.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Orlando Moving Tips. If you would like to contact us please click here. Get a Free Quote Online or by Phone